It’s no surprise that travel nurses prefer to text back and forth, while recruiters want to have a phone call. If you’re wondering why your recruiter always pushes for a phone call, there are some good reasons. Here’s why your recruiter always wants to get you on the phone the first time you meet.

Phone Calls Are More Effective—and Efficient

While it might seem like texting is the fastest way to communicate with a recruiter, it’s actually a phone call. With a 10-20 minute phone call, you can knock out all the vital details about you and your experience. This means that your recruiter can start finding you assignments as soon as you’re off the phone, rather than send a text, wait for a response and repeat over the course of a few hours.

Phone Calls Help Your Recruiter Find You the Right Assignment

A conversation is more nuanced than texting, which is why it makes it easier for your recruiter to find you the right assignment. Are you chasing the money and willing to go anywhere for the right price? Or are you more focused on an ideal location, even if the money is a little lower? Do you travel with a pet or a family? Knowing these details about you doesn’t mean your recruiter is nosy or trying to be all up in your business—they’re trying to tailor an assignment that fits your needs before they throw your hat in the ring. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, just what fits for you.

Location, Location, Location

One of the biggest questions your recruiter will ask is about the location and facility. Are you sold on a specific location or is it more of a want to have? For example, if you mention that you want to go to Oregon, but you really mean Portland, your recruiter will be able to ask a couple probing questions to find out what it is about Portland that’s attractive. Maybe you have family in the Pacific Northwest and are looking for a city to call home. In that case, your recruiter might bring up an assignment in Seattle as an option. Without a conversation, you could miss out on a position that checks nearly all your boxes.

Worried About Missing Details?

We know that a lot of travelers (and recruiters) like the written record of the conversation. However, if you’re talking by phone, there’s an easy way to take care of that. After your conversation, send a quick email summarizing what you talked about and what you’re waiting on. This way, if there’s something that’s incorrect, you’ll both be able to correct it before you get submitted to an assignment you didn’t really want.

Whether you’re new to traveling or want to dip your toes into the travel scene, Triage has travel nurse jobs in specialties throughout the country and recruiters who can make it happen.