Wages & Benefits

Wages & Benefits

In terms of pay and benefits, travel nurses are in the top tier of healthcare workers, and they enjoy some of the industry’s best benefit packages. It is not unusual for a travel nurse to receive a higher average pay rate and a more attractive package of benefits than his or her counterpart in a full-time, permanent position.

A Paycheck You Can Be Proud of

As a travel nurse, your hourly pay rate will depend on your clinical specialty, the facility, benefits taken, and the assignment location. However, the general pay rate for travel Registered Nurses varies between $25 and $60 per hour.

Benefit from Direct Deposit

Nearly every traveling nurse company offers optional free direct deposit of your paychecks. You can request that your pay be electronically transferred into your bank account, even if your bank is far away.

Taking Care of Travel Expenses

Virtually all the traveling nurse companies reimburse travel expenses for those traveling to assignments. The amount varies, but is usually at least twenty cents per mile. With the multitude of inexpensive airline seats available, you can often end up coming out ahead on travel costs. And, if you’re traveling within your home city, you’ll usually still receive a travel reimbursement.

Insurance Coverage

Most of the companies that employ travel nurses offer full medical coverage, often at minimal or no cost to you. Ask for details from each company you make contact with as part of the information you gather from each before deciding which you’d like to worth with.

Retirement Programs

Most of the better traveling nurse agencies we work with offer 401(k) retirement benefits. Some of these even have instant eligibility, so you can sign up to start saving toward retirement as soon as you get started.

Continuing Education

With the rapidly advancing pace of medical technology, every nurse knows that continuing education is critical to his or her career. Fortunately, most travel nursing companies know this too and offer reduced cost or free continuing education credits. Even when you’re between assignments, you can often take courses at a discount. It’s yet another way to build up your resume with travel nursing.

Free Housing and Utilities

So much of the average person’s income goes to pay housing expenses. As a travel nurse, you will be offered deluxe accommodationsÔÇöusually an apartment or condominiumÔÇöfor the duration of each assignment. The arrangements will be made by the travel nursing company before you arrive, and this includes making sure the electricity and heat are turned on. Once you’re there, you won’t have to worry about paying the rent, or any power bills. This leaves more disposable income for you.

Referral Bonuses and Incentive Programs

Tell your friends in the profession about your experiences, and they may decide to follow in your footsteps. Once a person you’ve referred completes their first assignment, you can be eligible for a bonus. Most companies have other incentive programs they use to encourage you to keep accepting assignments from them. These programs can include cash bonuses, special discounts for things you need or regular-use items, such as luggage, gym memberships, pagers, cell phones, and scrubs. You may also earn points that are redeemable for other discounted items, vacation trips, or cash. Plus, you may also receive sign-on or assignment-completion bonuses!