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The genesis of Junxion Med Staffing started as a pivotal moment in the life of Sam Mercer. Sam is a surgical technician turned business owner who experienced firsthand the struggles of healthcare travel when he faced disparities in pay and support from his agency while on assignment.


Faced with inequity in pay and support, Sam set out to create a company that would bridge the gaps for future travelers in the healthcare travel industry. He envisioned an agency that would prioritize the welfare of healthcare travelers above all else. Thus, Junxion Med Staffing was born out of a need to protect and advocate for the rights of healthcare professionals, ensuring they receive the respect, compensation, and support they deserve.


Junxion Med Staffing offers healthcare professionals opportunities to explore exciting careers as travel professionals in the fields of surgery, radiology, and immediate care for both nurses and allied professionals.  


Whether it is an exciting career as a travel OR nurse or as a travel x-ray tech, clinicians have the chance to expand their skills, broaden their experiences, and make a difference in diverse healthcare settings. With Junxion Med Staffing, healthcare professionals are not just employees; they are valued members of a purpose-driven team dedicated to meaningful change.


Junxion Med Staffing offers their travel healthcare professionals:


·         Competitive pay

·         Day 1 insurance

·         Nontaxable pay opportunities

·         401K and retirement planning


and much more. As part of the dedication to transparency, Junxion Med Staffing leverages technology to put the power and control back in the hands of healthcare professionals with their state-of-the-art mobile app. This app allows the healthcare professional to be in control of job opportunities, have transparency with contracts and contract terms, and maintain control of their credentialing process for each assignment. Junxion Med Staffing believes in the autonomy of the healthcare professional and provides the tools necessary to allow each professional control of their destiny.


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