As we step into the promising year of 2024, the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, with a particular focus on nursing agencies that play a pivotal role in shaping the industry. Building on the successes and trends of 2023, it is essential to cast our gaze forward and identify the top agencies poised to make a significant impact in the coming year. Drawing inspiration from the accomplishments of the previous year, let’s delve into the leading nursing agencies that are set to define the healthcare workforce in 2024.

In this dynamic landscape, we present the “Top 10 Travel Nursing Agencies of 2024,” a carefully curated list that shines a spotlight on industry leaders dedicated to providing unparalleled support, exciting opportunities, and a seamless experience for healthcare workers ready to explore new horizons. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or considering your first travel nursing assignment, these agencies stand out for their commitment to excellence, reliability, and fostering a community that empowers healthcare professionals to thrive in their careers while embracing the joy of travel. Discover our best travel nurse agency partners to elevate your travel nursing experience in 2024 and beyond.

To identify the top 10 agencies of the year, employs a proprietary approach. A meticulously calculated weighted formula that assesses responses from six key areas of focus. This method considers agency metrics, statistics, competitive salary offerings, top-notch healthcare coverage, leadership quality, integrity, length of tenure, as well as valuable nurse feedback. The culmination of these factors ensures a comprehensive evaluation, allowing us to recognize and honor the agencies that excel across multiple dimensions in the field.

1. Host Healthcare

Host Healthcare exclusively collaborates with travel healthcare professionals specializing in Nursing, Allied, and Therapy.  Their mission is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals by prioritizing the comfort of the healers in our global community, including our travel healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities, and internal team members. Benefit from dedicated, knowledgeable, and responsive recruiters, along with on-staff clinicians and travel healthcare professionals who can address specific inquiries related to Nursing, Allied, or Therapy specialties. This commitment ultimately enables the delivery of the highest quality care for healthcare patients. By teaming up with Host Healthcare, you gain exclusive access to tens of thousands of healthcare job opportunities spanning all 50 states. Host Healthcare ensures that travel professionals Experience premium employment benefits that set them apart in the industry. Enjoy peace of mind with day-1 medical benefits that extend up to 30 days between assignments, 401k matching, travel reimbursements, quarantine pay, and the unwavering support of a dedicated housing team. Gain priority access to high-paying healthcare jobs across the United States with tens of thousands of positions available.

Host Healthcare is on a mission to help others live better by empowering the healers of the world get the healthcare life and career they deserve – enabling world-class care for their patients. Host Healthcare specializes in Nursing, Allied, Therapy, and Local assignments, and is the #1 rated travel nursing, allied, and therapy company across all major review sites. At Host Healthcare, you gain exclusive access to tens of thousands of healthcare jobs in all 50 states and 24/7, knowledgeable, and responsive recruiters and on-staff clinicians. Host Healthcare ensures that travel professionals experience premium employment benefits that set them apart in the industry. Enjoy peace of mind with day-1 medical benefits that extend up to 30 days between assignments, 401k matching, travel reimbursements, and the unwavering support of a dedicated housing team. Click on the Host Healthcare name above to find the life and healthcare career you deserve.

2. Cross Country Healthcare

For three and a half decades, their drive and commitment have solidified Cross Country as the trusted partner for thousands of nurses, allied health professionals, advanced practice and physician professionals, as well as leading acute and post-care health systems and hospitals nationwide. Pioneering the industry, Cross Country has consistently led the way by breaking the conventional staffing mold. Their dedication to proactively developing and delivering innovative technologies and intuitive solutions remains unwavering. Cross Country Healthcare proudly takes the lead in total talent management and workforce solutions, elevating the candidate experience. Their mission is to empower healthcare professionals and providers to achieve their professional and business goals. For years, they have cultivated an entrepreneurial mindset, driving them to conceive innovative solutions and processes. Their ultimate objective is to deliver best-in-class services for the healthcare professionals and providers who they are privileged to serve. Cross Country Healthcare processes are innovative, agile, and effortlessly easy to use. They continuously seek out the latest optimal systems and solutions to stay at the forefront of the dynamic technology landscape. This ensures that our healthcare professionals and providers experience the connectivity and ease of use they desire and require. Cross Country offers everything you seek in a staffing agency, conveniently housed in one place. The platform provides top-paying and flexible healthcare opportunities, fulfilling your professional aspirations. With a commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry, they prioritize your needs and ensure a seamless experience.

3. Travel Nurse Across America

Established in 1999, Travel Nurse Across America was founded by individuals who harbored a belief that they could positively transform the healthcare traveler industry. Rooted in a culture of honesty, transparency, and unparalleled customer service, this vision remains the driving force behind their ongoing growth. At TNAA, they operate on four core values that permeate everything they do for their travel nurses and allied travelers, shaping their commitment to excellence and support in every aspect of their journey. Partnering with hospitals across the nation, TNAA ensures the timely delivery of the most qualified nursing talent precisely when it is needed. Their steadfast commitment to sourcing and placing highly skilled nurses results in tangible advantages for their partners, including reduced readmission rates, improved HCAHPS scores, and additional benefits. TNAA is dedicated to ensuring that travel nurses and travel allied employees. enjoy an exceptional experience every day, regardless of the city. Their full-team model is designed to pair nurses with a comprehensive customer support team. This team, led by highly skilled recruiters, is backed by experts in housing, payroll, clinical care, and quality assurance, ensuring that travel nurses receive unparalleled support and service across all aspects of their journey.

4. Junxion Med Staffing

Junxion Med Staffing places a premium on prompt and effective action, ensuring exceptional outcomes. With their ‘WOW Experience,’ you’re not just a client; you become an integral part of their family. They are dedicated to fostering your growth as you navigate your travel journey and advance in your career. Beyond personal goals, Their commitment extends to making a positive impact on the community by addressing issues such as human trafficking and supporting veterans. Joining Junxion Med Staffing means becoming a valuable member of a purpose-driven team dedicated to meaningful change. At Junxion Med Staffing, every healthcare professional is highly valued. Travel nursing and radiology travel jobs offer exciting opportunities for registered nurses and professionals in the field of radiology to work in diverse locations and healthcare settings. Both career paths offer unique experiences, allowing individuals to broaden their skills, build a diverse resume, and explore new places while making meaningful contributions to healthcare.

5. Concentric Healthcare Staffing

Recognized for their unmatched service for over 15 years, traveling with Concentric Healthcare Staffing not only provides you the opportunity to see different parts of the country, but allows you to apply for benefits from day one. They even offer Pet Care Insurance for those who enjoy traveling with their best friend! Concentric Healthcare Staffing can help you begin the exciting career of being a travel nurse. With amazing pay, great benefits, and the ability to see the country while you do what you love, it’s no wonder more and more nurses are looking for weekend travel nursing jobs. As one of the best travel nursing companies, Concentric Healthcare Staffing has thousands of openings in all 50 states, so you can start your journey today.

6. Flexcare Medical Staffing

Since its inception in 2006, FlexCare Medical Staffing has evolved into a prominent nationwide leader in travel nursing, therapy, and allied staffing services, catering to premier healthcare facilities across the country. Their mission revolves around enhancing the lives of all individuals they encounter by providing top-notch staffing solutions characterized by integrity and transparency. This commitment to excellence has earned FlexCare continual recognition as one of the nation’s foremost companies, acknowledged by esteemed industry authorities such as Staffing Industry Analysts and Travel Nursing Central. Healthcare travel jobs present professionals with a distinctive chance to advance their careers while immersing themselves in new and diverse locations. FlexCare stands out by staffing a wide array of travel nurse specialties, catering to the specific needs of healthcare facilities. In addition, we also specialize in various travel allied health roles, including Surgical Technologists (Surg Techs), CT Technologists (CT Techs), and Respiratory Therapists. For traveling therapists, FlexCare, as a travel nursing agency, coordinates assignments for LVNs / LPNs, connecting these skilled professionals with facilities facing temporary staffing needs due to seasonal demands, personnel deficits, or fluctuations in patient numbers.

7. Voca

Voca is a relationship-oriented company with a primary focus on bringing together exceptionally talented individuals and outstanding organizations. Voca has established enduring partnerships with some of the nation’s most renowned healthcare organizations. Their commitment is to assist you in discovering a fulfilling position that aligns with both your passion and purpose, whether you are a travel nurse, allied health professional, or any other healthcare professional. At Voca you will enjoy the flexibility of choosing assignments across the country. Both travel nursing and allied health positions offer varying lengths of time, locations, and roles. You have the autonomy to tailor your assignments to align with your specific preferences and needs. This flexibility extends to professional assignments, allowing you to customize the duration, location, and position according to your requirements. Voca collaborates with esteemed public, private, non-profit, and government clients across the United States, offering comprehensive support across a wide range of industries. Their expertise extends to diverse verticals, encompassing the Healthcare, Professional, Legal, Financial, Creative, and Technology fields.

8. Triage Staffing

Founded in 2006, Triage has become a key player in the healthcare staffing industry. Their expertise spans five major divisions of acute care, including nursing, lab, radiology, rehab therapy, and cardiopulmonary. What sets them apart is their commitment to streamlined communication, offering one point of contact for both travelers and facilities within each division. Triage staffing takes pride in their in-house compliance and accounting specialists, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. With on-staff clinical liaisons, they provide valuable support and expertise to both healthcare professionals and facilities. Additionally, their unique mentoring program is managed by actual clinicians. At Triage staffing, the collective mission of their entire team is to establish trust with their travelers at every stage of their journey. The core values that drive their company inspire continuous improvement within their team each day. When you engage with Triage, their commitment is to embody these values in every interaction. The principles of reliability, respect, integrity, and drive serve as our guiding posts, influencing every decision and action they take. This commitment is not just a set of values; it’s the foundation of their approach, ensuring that every interaction reflects the essence of who they are and what they stand for.

9. Epic Staffing Group

Epic Staffing Group stands as a versatile national provider of outsourced employment solutions tailored to the biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Their diverse staffing verticals encompass various essential areas, including life science recruitment for permanent placement, life sciences consulting, travel nurse positions, interim executive placement, travel allied health roles, school nurse positions and therapy, government healthcare staffing, and international clinician placement. They are dedicated to offering comprehensive and specialized staffing services to meet the dynamic needs of the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. At Epic, they uphold a stringent standard for personnel and behavioral attributes that are deemed critical across all our business verticals. Their expectations for how they treat one another, their clinicians, and clients, as well as how they present themselves, are rooted in fundamental values such as honesty, accountability, respect, and fairness. Epic Staffing Group has distinct core values that define as unique to their organization. These values are challenging to achieve, and they demonstrate them through their actions. These core beliefs are pivotal in ensuring that those feel important and valued both in their hearts and minds. True engagement is found in their core values, shaping how they attract talent and presenting a united front on a mission that transcends their day-to-day activities. Their core values are not just what they believe in; they are the bedrock of who they are and how they present themselves to the world.

10. Aureus Medical Staffing

Aureus Medical Group, a Medical Solutions company, stands as a prominent nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, solidifying its position as one of the most esteemed brands in the staffing industry. Established in 1984, Aureus Medical is dedicated to meeting the medical staffing requirements of healthcare facilities across all 50 states. Our expansive network comprises highly skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals, providing comprehensive staffing solutions. They offer diverse career opportunities for healthcare professionals in both travel and full-time capacities. Their expertise spans various fields, including nursing, therapy, medical laboratory, imaging, oncology, cardiopulmonary, and neurodiagnostics. In addition, they offer managed services through their parent company, Medical Solutions.  Their mission is to be the preferred staffing provider and employer, assisting individuals and companies in achieving their respective goals. Aureus Medical is committed to being a partner in enhancing the community’s quality of life and work. Through company wide initiatives and employee-driven philanthropy, they strive to make a positive impact by making significant financial contributions and dedicating volunteer hours each year. Their support extends to organizations such as the United Way, Salvation Army, The Food Bank, local homeless shelters, teen outreach programs, and many others.

The “Top 10 Travel Nursing Agencies of 2024” represent the pinnacle of excellence in an industry that bridges the gap between healthcare expertise and wanderlust. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, these agencies stand firm as pillars of support for healthcare workers seeking adventure, professional growth, and meaningful connections. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of diverse locations, competitive benefits, or a supportive community, these top travel nurse healthcare agencies offer a winning combination. As you embark on your travel nursing adventure, let the leaders of 2024 guide you toward a fulfilling and enriching healthcare career, where each nursing assignment becomes a stepping stone to both personal and professional success. The world awaits, and with these agencies, your travel nursing experience is bound to be extraordinary.

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