Why do Nurses travel?

Choose The Jobs You Like—Where You Like Them

Some dream of leaving the stress of the big city behind to work in a small hospital in America’s heartland or amidst the natural beauty of a town in the mountains on the coast. Others yearn for the excitement of the big city or wish they could add a stint at some of the nation’s most highly regarded research institutions and finest teaching hospitals to their resume. Any or all of these things opportunities are available to you as a travel nurse.

Power Up Your Resume

It’s the age-old dilemma—you need experience to get the really good jobs, but you need the really good jobs to get experience. Travel nursing ends this Catch-22. You can broaden your experience in the types of facilities that interest you, while you also increase your clinical skills and competencies. When or if you decide to take a permanent post, you’ll have a resume that will impress most nurse managers.

See the Beautiful United States

These days, people appreciate our great country more than ever. But how much of it have you seen? Want to sample life in the bustling cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, or L.A.? Want to visit cities that look so beautiful on the big screen, like San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle? Want to ski the slopes of Vermont or Colorado? Or maybe you’d prefer the warm sunny winter climates of Florida, Southern California, or Arizona.

Get to Know a Place Before You Move There

Do you harbor a dream of settling in a particular location, whether it’s because it’s near family, or for its scenic beauty, or for the quality of life? Find out if your dream location is just a nice place to visit, or if you would really want to live there before you make the big move. Travel nursing makes it possible.

“Get Out from Under” with Free Housing

Most of us have been there—your pay seems good, but there’s hardly anything left after all the monthly bills are paid. One of the best benefits of travel nursing is that each assignment offers excellent, fully furnished housing accommodations free of charge. This includes not only your rent, but also your utilities, which are activated for you in advance. Even your travel expenses to each assignment are reimbursed, within limits. Imagine finally being able to build up a financial cushion—or saving for that future purchase.

Bring Your Family or Friends Along as You Travel

You don’t have to be young and unattached to enjoy travel nursing. Many travelers get to enjoy exploring new areas of the United States while they travel with a spouse, a family member, or a friend.

Earn What You’re Worth

Good nurses are in high demand today, and the need for traveling nurses to help with seasonal or temporary staffing shortages is particularly acute. Your pay will depend on your nursing specialty, the region of the country you’re in, and your assignment. Travel nurses enjoy excellent wages overall—usually between $20 and $40 per hour, full-time.

Enjoy Bonuses

Many of the traveling nurse companies offer sign-on and/or completion bonuses and referral bonuses. Meet New Friends and Network for Your Career

Did you always enjoy those first few days on a new job, when you got to know new people and learn new things? As a traveling nurse, you can meet people and make friends across the country. From a professional standpoint, this also gives you an excellent way to “network” and get to know lots of people in your field. Get a Housing Stipend Even When You Travel Locally

No, we’re not kidding. You can travel to assignments in your own area and live in your own home, and you’ll still receive a subsidy to defray housing costs while you’re on assignment.