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Travel Nursing Assignments, Travel Nurse Jobs -RNvip May 18th, 2023

There is no doubt that nurses play an integral role in the health care industry. These nurses put their mind and body on the line for their profession. Being a nurse is unarguably one of the most difficult tasks as it requires impeccable attention to detail and their profession demands that they work at their optimum level.

Although their profession is fulfilling as their job gives them an opportunity to help people, it takes a toll on their physical well being. Taking a vacation or time off is a luxury that most nurses can’t afford. Nurses have to constantly work in different scenarios and every decision they make during their career has the capacity of dictating their patients’ entire life.

Recently there has been a steady increase in the number of nurses applying for a travel job. Not only does a travel nurse break free from his/her stagnant lifestyle by traveling the country but they are given an opportunity to instill substantial experience in their resume. A travel nurse by definition is a nurse who travels the country and works as a temporary replacement andor fills the need in a highly demanded area of the country. Typically these travel assignments are 13 weeks in duration, but can vary from 4-26 weeks, depending on the hospital needs and nurses’ desires.

This job does not only provide a high paying position but also enables the nurse to expedite his or her growth in the health care industry. A travel nurse will gain immense experience by working in different hospitals and will get a chance to work with different doctors as well. This will not only improve their chances of landing a high position job but will also help them improve their credibility by a substantial margin. This is exactly why every year the number of nurses applying for travel jobs is increasing exponentially. A nurse can either opt to work within America or choose to travel abroad. However, they can earn more monetary benefits within the confines of the country.

As a nurse you may be wondering if your job description will change with this post. The answer to your dilemma is in negative. A travel nurse will perform the same duties that they are currently entrusted with. The only difference is that they will be doing it in a different hospital. A travel assignment can vary from eight to fifty-two weeks and nurses are assigned to projects according to their specialization. This means that a nurse who has specialized in cardiac care will be assigned to the intensive care unit and so on and so forth.

What are the requirements?

The first prerequisite requirement is that the applicant should have an RN degree. There are currently three pathways of obtaining such a degree, these paths are mentioned below.

* A bachelors degree in nursing

* An associate degree in nursing

 * A hospital based nursing school experience


Training. Obtaining a RN degree is not enough as substantial training and experience is required in order to qualify for a travel nurse position. Most of the travel nurse agencies require each applicant to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and have at least one year of experience in their respective specialty. Therefore, having a prior experience of one year in the field is preferred. In addition to that, an associates or bachelor’s degree in nursing is mandatory in order to apply for this position.

Qualities & skills. Furthermore, a nurse will not qualify for this position on the sole basis that they have the required credentials and experience. The relevant agency will take into consideration an array of different factors before even considering the application, but this is only to ensure that the quality of the industry does not deteriorate.

There are many prominent skills that the nurse will have to display in order to qualify for this position but the two main skills that are vital for this job is flexibility and excellent communication skills. The nurse will have to adapt to new conditions, shifts and work ethics with every assignment and some nurses struggle with this. It is not easy settling into a system and then being assigned to a completely different scenario. The nurse will also have to display excellent communication skills as they will have to communicate and understand the needs of their patients.


How to apply to a travel nursing company?


Applying for this position can be quite complicated as there are multiple travel assignment options to choose from. Nurses who are applying for the first time often don’t have sufficient knowledge or information regarding the application procedure and this is why they do not get accepted by the top travel nursing companies.

Like every other job the nurse will have to accumulate and compile all of their data such as education, experience, qualifications and medical history. Then comes in the hard work, each nurse will have to conduct substantial research in order to find openings and will then have to apply at each company individually. This can take a lot of time and for nurses who have just started with their careers, time is of the essence. It often takes nurses months in finding a company that meets their specifications and even then there is no guaranteeing that their application will get accepted.


However, this is where RNvip steps in. We provide direct access to the top travel nurse employment companies. This allows nurses to just apply once and their application will be sent to every top company that has any openings. In addition to that, RNvip also has a job search option that allows nurses to apply to a specific RN travel job that meets their specifications.

Given below are the benefits that RNvip provides to nurses.


  • Allows nurses to research the top agencies
    • Simplifies the application process by saving nurses time.
    • Streamline the companies nurses want to apply to, nurses pick the agencies.
    • Selected agency recruiters will contact the nurses with assignment options

So if you would like to take your nursing career to a whole different level, consider RNvip as the one stop solution to all of your problems and apply now.